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ForgeryNetwork is your number one source for authenticating your items..

The system is free to use and depends on your contributions to make it work.  To get the full benefit you need to register, giving us some basic details.  We guarantee your privacy - we will not pass your details on to any other organisation and will not engage in sending any spam emails.


To Register go to 'Register' and enter your details, then click on 'Send Activation'.   You will then receive an email with your activation code.   Cut (ctrl C) and Paste (Ctrl V) this code into the field activation and click-on 'Submit'.   You should now be registered, thus go to 'Home' and Log on.  If you encounter any problems you can email the administrator on [email protected]


The simplest way to search is to enter keywords in the field 'Enter Keyword(s)' - Enter as many keywords as required to refine the search.

Once you have searched you can click on the appropriate image or the [View] link, (provided you have registered and logged in) and a record view will be displayed, like the image to the left.

Once you go to View detail, a large image will be displayed, this can be clicked on open a full size image in a new window.   To the right of the large image appears any related images.

These are in order of relevance to the record you are on and by clicking on any of these images will take you to its own record detail.   These related images can be filtered into its relevant types from 'All', to 'Forgeries' and 'Authentic' items - thus allowing users to compare images easily.   To open these in a new window you can right-click and select 'Open in a new window'.  These relevant items are displayed in order of, firstly any items specfically linked to another item (see 'related Item field'), secondly catalog and catalog number and finally the key Info.

Adding New Items: To add new items, please read the section guidelines once you have registered and logged in.


Free Advertising for contributors - September 2005

Every item that is entered will have a link to your website, if you so choose.   This is an opportunity to make a name for yourself and/or your company by sharing your knowledge.  This is relevant both for items loaded and comments made.   You can also add items, authentic or replicas, categorise them accordingly and provide the link to the site where they are for sale. The only proviso for this is that they must be a good example, particularly for authentic items as these items will be compared with forgeries.

All contributors who load 50 items per year qualify for a free advertisement and link, under the category that they have uploaded these items into. Contact [email protected] to claim this.  

Currently as an opening promotion until December 2005 the first twenty contributors will have there images displayed in all categories.

If you are interested in supporting this website through paid advertising please contact [email protected]

If you find the content of this site useful, consider making donation to show your support and to keep this content coming.  This is an independent service which saves you money - A contribution of $20 (Collector) - $50 (Professional) per year is requested for non-contributing members.  A tiny amount, if the site assists you to buy genuine only.  ForgeryNetwork Version 2.03 Copyright (c)2005-2023. All images are digitally stamped and may be used with permission from this site or the copyright holder.   For further information contact:  [email protected]

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