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Description: Ancient Roman Imperial Rome Mint Bronze Gordian II Sestertius
Description: Ancient Roman Imperial Rome Mint Bronze Gordian II Sestertius Mother vs transfer die fake
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Item : 11640 Description
Description :  Ancient Roman Imperial Rome Bronze Gordian II Africanus SestertiusGordian II Africanus AE Sestertius, Rome mint, struck 238 AD. IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS AFR AVG Bust laureate, draped, cuirassed right. / ROMAE AETERNAE around, S C in exergue, Roma seated left above shield, holding Victory and scepter. BMCRE #23; Cohen #9; RIC #5
Authenticity:  Forgery - Modern
Category :  Ancient Roman Imperial - CoinsActual Date: 238 AD
Category DetailsSource
Category :  AncientSold as: Authentic
: Roman ImperialSource : This cheap sand cast tourist fake is of a type that is peddled around the tourist sites in Turkey. This example was sourced from a car park vendor at the site of Ephesus Entered by : lwht
: Rome
Key InfoItem Details
Denomination : Sestertius
Catalog RIC 5 Cohen 9
Emperor : Gordian II Africanus
Content : Bronze
Sand cast tourist fake widely available around tourist sites in Turkey Forgery Type: Cast
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